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  • Ott O.

    First visit to Dr. Greenbaum

    How refreshing it is to have a doctor/orthopedist spend time with explaining what your physical issue is.

    My knee 'fixed' itself over the weekend and was not in that bad of shape when I saw him, but he still took the time to help me unders...
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  • Paige C.

    My husbands job usually means injuries unfortunately but ever since we have found Dr. Greenbaum we feel at ease that he has the best care around. I have referred several friends to him as well and everyone has had great experiences as well.
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  • Chris H.

    We first met Dr. Bradley Greenbaum when my Daughter needed Emergency Surgery on her elbow that broke during school recess and lodged a Bone chip in the Joint. He did such an outstanding job for her that both my Wife and I have been going to him for our Knee and Shoulder Issues. He takes the time t...
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  • Bob B.

    I hurt my rotator cuff some time ago and did not realize it... finally went looking for recommendations, for a good Ortho. I found him on yelp, I got an appointment easily, he really knows his stuff and recommended a good place for physical therapy my insurance would pay for... so far I like that pl...
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