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  • Sarah K.

    I had surgery with Dr. Greenbaum and woke up with no pain! He was professional, attentive , funny and full of energy and inspiration!
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  • H T.

    Dr. Greenbaum truly takes the time to listen to his patients. During my initial visit he was extremely thorough and detailed in explaining the results of my MRI images and reports. Lisa and Alicia are very friendly and personable. I have to say this is a rare experience when it comes to visiting Do...
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  • Vicky C.

    My husband already had an established relationship with another orthopedic Dr. at Newport Orthopedic. No more given our unacceptable experience there. Here's what happened:

    Unfortunately, he completely tore his rotator cuff. Getting through with a "factory" model is frustrating and ti...
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  • Reesey B.

    I am a physical therapist and highly recommend Dr. Greenbaum. He is a very intelligent and professional doctor who was able to treat my shoulder issues. His office is clean and his staff are very attentive and professional. Thank you for your help Dr. Greenbaum!
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  • Valary S.

    I went to Dr. Greenbaum to get my meniscus fixed up. From the start, it was a one hundred percent positive experience. Dr. Greenbaum was thorough and knowledgable. He went over my MRI with great detail and explained the options with full transparency. He has wonderful bedside manner; I never fel...
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  • Tasja W.

    Dr. Greenbaum came highly recommended by many athletes that I know who mountain bike and motorcross, snowboard. I tore my entire right shoulder snowboarding last Feb 2019 and had a total rotator cuff repair. He did an amazing job. After surgery I was able to sleep flat just only after 14 days. If ...
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  • Shirley L.

    I worry and think the worst when my kid says they have lingering pain and know a doctor visit is necessary.

    Then Dr Greenbaum examines my daughter (gymnast) and with the quickest exam has already pinpointed the exact problem. He does continue to exam more but what a fast diagnosis....
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  • Elaine H.

    I'll keep it short as the other reviews speak for themselves - I found Dr. Greenbaum and his staff to be excellent in all capacities and I could ask for nothing more. I highly recommend him.

    I first saw him for a third opinion because I knew something was wrong with my knee and he sa...
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  • Nano M.

    I went to Dr Greenbaum for a second opinion on a shoulder surgery I needed. He took all the time needed to review my MRI and history, and answered all my questions. He was very thorough with understanding and explaining my case and provided me with the peace of minded I was looking for. Thank you fo...
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  • Mike S.

    Dr. Greenbaum is an outstanding orthopedic specialist and surgeon. He is knowledgeable, thorough, and highly competent. I'd been living with constant knee pain and decreased mobility for several years, pain that was unabated even after surgery and follow-up care by another doctor. Dr. Greenbaum eva...
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