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Tasja W.

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    Dr. Greenbaum came highly recommended by many athletes that I know who mountain bike and motorcross, snowboard. I tore my entire right shoulder snowboarding last Feb 2019 and had a total rotator cuff repair. He did an amazing job. After surgery I was able to sleep flat just only after 14 days. If you've ever had shoulder surgery most people can only sleep sitting upright due to severe pain laying flat. I'm now 1 year out. Full range of motion, full flexibility and no pain and have all my strength back and more. Plus I started weightlifting during my physical therapy and kept it up. He did the shoulder surgery on 4 of my friends and they had the same excellent experience. Over 1.5 years ago I also had Dr. Greenbaum do stem cell on my knees from years of injuries due to gymnastics and running. I had to stop hiking for over 9 years since I have no cartilage in my kneecaps. I gave stem cell surgery a try and now I'm hiking again. I did 10 miles Bridge to Nowhere twice and hike to the Hollywood sign twice without pain on the downhill or uphill. I'm so excited and finally found a doctor that's not all about recommending surgery unless it's the last resort.