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  • Blake Nourse

    I had such a positive experience with Dr. Greenbaum and his office. I was diagnosed with an acl tear and I wanted to make sure the first diagnosis was correct. I went to Dr. Greenbaum for a second opinion and the overall office experience was much more pleasant compared to the first orthopedic I vis...
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  • Alex Alman

    I travelled 1,5 hours drive to see Dr Greenbaum and it was so worth it. Due to my injuries I’ve seen many doctors but none of them are so knowledgeable, not even close to Bradley Greenbaum. Thank you Doctor for your help and your expertise. I appreciate that a lot.
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  • Rob Riester

    Had a great visit with Dr Greenbaum just now. He was the second orthopedic sports doctor I saw for the issue and it was a much better experience. He seemed to have a deeper understanding of the problem and how to address it, and he took the time to explain everything. Everything he said, made comple...
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  • Fili Martinez

    Amazing! Staff is extremely helpful and supportive Dr. Greenbaum is the best! Excellent top notch expert, knowledgeable and caring of his patients. Truly grateful and appreciative for all he has done for me and my knee surgery! Highly recommend
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  • Charles

    Dr. Greenbaum is an exceptional physician, and my review comes before receiving any results, underscoring my unbiased view.
    During my visit last week, Dr. Greenbaum dedicated ample time to thoroughly discuss my condition and provide a comprehensive explanation. As a professional who values me...
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  • Robert W

    I had a severe shoulder dislocation, causing a Labrum tear, Bony Bank-hart Fracture, and Hill Sachs fracture. I met with four of the top Orthopedic surgeons in Orange County. I was very impressed with Dr. Greenbaum. He took the time to throughly discuss my injury and treatment options. He successful...
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  • Larry Garcia

    Dr. Greenbaum did a fantastic repair on my rotator cuff injury 4 years ago. Had a full restoration of motion and strength after recovery. Recently had a bad break of my clavicle with a torn ligament that required surgery with a plate and retaining device. Dr. Greenbaum and his team were very attenti...
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  • Sheri Howard

    Dr. Greenbaum is incredibly knowledgeable in his craft. His bedside manners are impeccable and you will never feel like a “number”. I highly recommend him if you need the best ortho in South OC that specializes in knees & shoulders!
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  • R Ramirez

    I got Dr Greenbaums name from a friend. Great Dr and Surgeon! I am 65 years old and this is the best my shoulder has felt since I was 17! I would recommend him to everyone!
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  • Baily Craig

    Great office staff and Dr Bradley is very knowledgeable and informative. Same day appointment for teenager. Thank you
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