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  • Daniel 17

    The first doctor I went to was apart of the SCOS orthopedic company. They told me I had a meniscus tear and would not tell me where my tear was and what degree tear I had. They kept pushing for surgery. I decided to get a second opinion with Dr. Greenbaum and he told me the truth about my knee and m...
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  • Tammie Paisley

    Great care and friendly staff in this office.
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  • A. Howard

    Dr Greenbaum's office is one of the only doctors offices nowadays that you can schedule an appointment and see the doctor within a week! Another plus is the wait time to see him is virtually non existent. You're pulled back to one of his exam rooms minutes after checking in with the front office sta...
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  • Self-verified patient

    I've been going to dr. Greenbaum for years for my knees. I had surgery on my because I do not have any cartilage left on my knee caps. I decided to try stem cell after talking to two of his patients that went through it. They were much older than me and had success with stern cell. About 7 months a...
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  • Ambar L

    I had knee surgery in 2008 and Dr. Greenbaum was hands down the best man for the job. So grateful he was able to perform the surgery. He kept me super informed on what happened to my knee and how he wanted to go about it and what recovery looked like. I have not had any knee issues since my surgery ...
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  • Andrew H

    I found Dr. Greenbaum to be very thorough and I didn't feel like I was being pushed through a patient factory like many of the larger ortho groups in the area. He took lots of time to explain things to me and review x rays on which he saw something two previous orthos missed. I found his front offi...
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  • Ronnie S

    Dr. Greenbaum is super current with the latest technologies in medicine and has a ton of knowledge. He spent plenty of time with me making sure I understood my injury and the next steps going forward. I had an awesome experience and would travel from my home in Pennsylvania to see him.
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  • Bob M

    Was recommended to Dr Bradley by a friend, when I explained that I have been suffering through shoulder pain (i.e to the point I had locked shoulder and thought I had a heart attack because I could not lift my arm), could not sleep well because of the pain, etc.

    Knowledge (5). After t...
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  • Owen S

    From our 1st phone call to our visit. Every single person was so helpful and friendly. I highly recommend this office. I am so grateful there are still polite and helpful people out there.
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  • Jeff L

    Dr. Greenbaum takes the time to explain what going on, and offers treatment options. He is patient and makes my problems his priorities.
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