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  • Self-verified patient

    A friend told me about her Orthopedic doctor after suffering with shoulder pain following an accident. I wasn't looking forward to my appointment as I was afraid he would advise me to have surgery (after all he is a orthopedic surgeon). Was I surprised to have him tell me that in fact I did not need...
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  • Self-verified patient

    What a fantastic find in the current medical environment. From the moment I walked into the office I was greeting with a smile and felt welcome. The entire staff was friendly, helpful and professional. What can I say about Dr. Greenbaum...He took his time to go over my diagnosis, gave me several opt...
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  • Self-verified patient

    I saw Dr. Greenbaum for debilitating neck pain/injury, which kept me from surfing. I thought I was done! I was worried I would need surgery. Dr. Greenbaum was patient and thorough. And, even though he is a surgeon, he recommended an aggressive course of PT instead of surgery. I have been pain free e...
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  • Self-verified patient

    Dr. Greenbaum is exceptional!! He regularly treats gymnasts which was a big plus for me since I wanted a surgeon who was knowledgeable about what gymnasts' shoulders go through on a daily basis, and what they need to be able to do after surgery. He definitely spent a lot of time with me, diagnosing ...
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  • Self-verified patient

    Best Dr. I have ever worked with.
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  • Self-verified patient

    Dr. Greenbaum is what every doctor, surgeon or other medical professional should strive to be. He is clearly knowledgeable and confident in his expertise. He is direct and to the point. Dr. Greenbaum takes the time to listen to his patients, diagnose accurately, followups are very important, and his...
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  • Self-verified patient

    I think he is a great doctor and explained to me everything , was optimistic and eased alot of worry about my knee injury and subsequent surgery.My husband had gone to him for a shoulder injury .. I would recomment him ( and do ! )
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  • Self-verified patient

    Dr. Greenbaum quickly and correctly diagnosed my achilles tendon rupture, after another MD told me I had an ankle sprain. He also put to rest my irrational surgery phobia by simply asking me why I was worried about it. Once surgery was over, he saw me as frequently as needed. Dr. Greenbaum also help...
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  • LJ

    Dear Dr. Greenbaum thank you, I have been able to visit the rest of my family on the East Coast, and also enjoy the "sights"
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  • NK

    Thanks a lot for an excellent procedure and very professional pre and post-op care and attention
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