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Vicky C.

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    My husband already had an established relationship with another orthopedic Dr. at Newport Orthopedic. No more given our unacceptable experience there. Here's what happened:

    Unfortunately, he completely tore his rotator cuff. Getting through with a "factory" model is frustrating and time consuming. Once we got through, they told him they couldn't see him for 2 weeks! He was in such pain! My husband is a doctor, too, so he messaged the Dr. privately and got no response. Just before his appointment, they called and said the had to cancel and reschedule his appointment!

    So I did a a Yelp search for a surgeon who hopefully wasn't in a large group and we are so thankful to have found Dr. Greenbaum. You call and speak to a person right away. They got him in within a few days. His office and staff are just wonderful. Dr. Greenbaum is not very social, but he very matter of fact and really explained everything in great detail, which made us feel very confident.

    My husband has had his surgery under the expertise of Dr. Greenbaum and the physical therapist (also located in Dr. Greenbaum's office), said that he is ahead of the curve.

    If you are tired of being part of "the herd of cattle" and don't want to be just a number, and you have shoulder or knee issues, Dr. Greenbaum is your guy!