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Blake Nourse

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    I had such a positive experience with Dr. Greenbaum and his office. I was diagnosed with an acl tear and I wanted to make sure the first diagnosis was correct. I went to Dr. Greenbaum for a second opinion and the overall office experience was much more pleasant compared to the first orthopedic I visited. He really sat down and weighed out the pros/cons of the surgery and after a good discussion I elected to proceed with the surgery. The surgery and recovery was probably the smoothest an acl could get. His surgical skills and excellence were more than I could’ve have ever asked for. I feel so confident and happy with my new Acl. His office is as also very patient and kind when answering my questions about loa, pt recommendations, and scheduling future visits. Overall if you’re looking for an amazing orthopedic surgeon and office Dr. Greenbaum is the one!