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Chris H.

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    We first met Dr. Bradley Greenbaum when my Daughter needed Emergency Surgery on her elbow that broke during school recess and lodged a Bone chip in the Joint. He did such an outstanding job for her that both my Wife and I have been going to him for our Knee and Shoulder Issues. He takes the time to help you understand your options, and offers several alternatives to try to avoid Surgery. He repaired a torn Meniscus 6 years ago in my right knee and now I have a different knee problem that we are trying to resolve with Physical Therapy and are making progress. As a coincidence, I have had several friends also go to Dr. Greenbaum and all have come away with the same Positive Feedback.

    UPDATE TO POST on 10/10/18. I am 5 weeks out after Dr. Greenbaum repaired the torn Meniscus in my left knee and my knee feels great. Most people are surprised by the speed of my recovery so I am guessing Dr. Greenbaum did a great job.