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Bob M

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    Was recommended to Dr Bradley by a friend, when I explained that I have been suffering through shoulder pain (i.e to the point I had locked shoulder and thought I had a heart attack because I could not lift my arm), could not sleep well because of the pain, etc.

    Knowledge (5). After the X-Ray he showed me on the chart what was the problem. But to confirm he asked about my life (Work/recreation/family), health, and symptoms. He quickly was able to tell me my problem and issue. He also gave me treatment options: cortisone shot. surgery, or PT. After PT and follow on visit, my shoulder was marked improved and for that I am really happy.

    Bedside (5). He also spent enough time with me to allay my fear, discomfort (i.e His office is called OC Sport & Rehab after all). Unlike other doctor he was not running me through the process. For that I appreciate it.

    Appointment (4.5). His website tell you to submit your request on an E-Mail form, but I was tired of these impersonal form filling on the web. So I called and was able to get an appt.

    Office Visit (5). He was on time.