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Andrew H

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    I found Dr. Greenbaum to be very thorough and I didn't feel like I was being pushed through a patient factory like many of the larger ortho groups in the area. He took lots of time to explain things to me and review x rays on which he saw something two previous orthos missed. I found his front office staff to be excellent as well and I highly recommend him!

    EDIT - It's nearly 3 years later. Dr. Greenbaum helped rule out my knees as the problem, and with this critical data point I was able to determine, along with other surgeons, that it was my hips causing unusual referred (but not radiating) pain in my knees. After bi-lateral hip resurfacings the knee pain is gone. Dr. Greenbaum did not do my hip surgery but he was one of the last critical links of a decade-plus differential diagnosis. My strong recommendation remains!