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    I've been going to dr. Greenbaum for years for my knees. I had surgery on my because I do not have any cartilage left on my knee caps. I decided to try stem cell after talking to two of his patients that went through it. They were much older than me and had success with stern cell. About 7 months after my stem cell surgery I noticed that I was able to step down sidewalks or curbs without any pain. And I decided to try hiking again which I gave up for the last 10 years due to pain. And it seems like the more time goes by the better my knee is an I have now done for hikes to the Hollywood sign and bridge to nowhere without any pain at all even after I stopped exercising. Then last February I had a snowboarding accident and I went to him because he operated on three of my friends doing shoulder surgery. He was highly recommended. So I had dr. Greenbaum do a full shoulder repair. I was so shocked because everybody kept telling me how quickly I heal and how much flexibility I had. After month 5 I had so much flexibility back in my shoulders that he told me to be careful because I was not fully healed. He is an amazing doctor very patient and actually will not recommend surgery unless that as the last option. I highly recommend him for knee and shoulder because he's that amazing.